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I've spent over two years doing Bluepark designs and without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I'm considered to be the first choice when it comes to having a Bluepark website designed or redesigned. I'm also a dab hand at transferring your existing site design into the Bluepark system.

Having completed well over 100 Bluepark ecommerce designs, I'm one of the few designers that is truly able to transform a basic site into an impressive, professional and easy to use ecommerce success. I know how the Bluepark system works, what can be done with it and what can't be done. I also have plenty of tricks up my rabbity little sleeves to help turn a design dream into reality. Over half of the sites featured on the Bluepark home page were designed by White Rabbit Creative and just under half of the sites featured on their clients page are White Rabbit creations!

If you've had a peek through the Bluepark forum and you're wondering exactly who this Giles at White Rabbit or who WRC've found him/me!

Bluepark designs I've done:

Fill Your Pants
Gifts From Handpicked
Home Christmas Decorations
Totally Underwear
Ever So Sexy
Torch Direct
Crazy Toners
Protect the Planet

and loads more!

If you'd like a quote for your ecommerce site or want to know how much it would cost to transfer your existing site, please get in touch. You can either message me below or call 02476 267356.

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Some interesting and not-so-interesting bits about me:

Fave films: Star Wars
The Matrix
The Butterfly Effect
A Knights Tale
Indiana Jones & the Lost Ark
Desert island discs: It Bites - The Tall Ships
Judie Tzuke - Wonderland
Kino - Picture
Level 42 - The Pursuit of Accidents

Playing bass guitar
Writing songs
Playing with my kids

Celebrity lookalikee: Peter Duncan
Will Young
Best impression:   Merlin from Sword in the Stone
Loves:   Cheesecake
My kids
My wife
(in that order)
Dislikes:   Fog lights when it's not foggy
Reality TV